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Extreme weather conditions paired with failing infrastructure are at the core of Mexico’s water crisis. Ashoka Fellow Enrique Lomnitz offers up a solution. He spoke with Pip about how he is transforming Mexico City’s water supply through household rainwater harvesting.

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Conservation has recently risen up on national and international agendas. (Take the European Green Deal, for example.) But we must ensure these efforts are rooted in local communities, led by citizens, in order to be sustainable, Florin Stoican says.

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Our planet’s future depends on the “Everyone a Changemaker” mindset. Read the highlights from this year’s edition of Future Summit, where Corina Murafa, the co-lead of Next Now: Planet & Climate, discussed the future of our planet with two Ashoka Fellows, Jacek Bozek from Poland and Luis Alberto Camarago from Colombia, and Ashoka Young Changemaker Julieta Martinez, from Chile. 

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During the Ashoka Changemakers Summit, Corina talked with Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, director of Climate Change at Iberdrola as well as with,  Ashoka Fellows, Uygar Özesmi (founder of Good4Trust) and Brandon Dennison (founder and CEO of Coalfield Development), about how we can rebalance our relationship with nature through a new economic model. Find out how our future economy can look like the Amazon forest! 

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Nearly a year into the pandemic, a clear victim has been hard-won advances for women’s rights worldwide. In this Forbes interview, Zeynep Meydanoglu sat down with Viviana Waisman, human rights defender and Ashoka Fellow, to understand what can be done about it and what’s next for the gender justice movement.