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The businesses with the biggest footprints are some of the most important allies in fighting climate change. Nicole Rycroft, Ashoka Fellow and founder of Canopy, has been transforming supply chains to save our forests for over two decades. Read the full interview on Forbes.

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The Covid pandemic is making it impossible for us to ignore the link between health and environmental degradation. Ashoka Fellow Dr. Kinari Webb, founder of Health in Harmony, has been working at that intersection for decades. We sat down with her as part of our series on the future of Planet & Climate.Read the full interview on Forbes.

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The path to averting the climate crisis can create a future we want to run towards. Sue Riddlestone – co-founder and CEO of Bioregional, initiator of the famous eco-village BedZED, one of the architects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals - talks to Pip Wheaton, Ashoka’s European Venture Director, about what that future looks like. Read the full interview on Forbes.

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Richard Whitt is the founder of GLIAnet. Konstanze Frischen spoke to him about a new vision for the internet. What if users, not companies, can set the terms of engagement on the Internet?

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Melanie Marcel is a social entrepreneur pioneering the field of “Responsible Innovation” in Europe’s scientific community. We caught up with her to reflect on the role of scientific research in the climate action field. Her take on it? "“We need to start valuing all kinds of knowledge,” including lived experiences. Read the full interview on Forbes.