Tech & Humanity

The 21st century has ushered in a new age where all aspects of our lives are impacted by technology. We are seeing radical breakthroughs: from individualized learning or health care, to microloans and the sharing economy – examples abound of how technology radically improves our lives. Yet the same technological advances also confront humanity with fundamental challenges. For example, technology has the power to curtail hard-won civil rights through unprecedented levels of surveillance. It can also be used to further embed bias and discrimination through opaque algorithms. Countless questions of ethics, moral, empathy, power, agency and control emerge.  

A few urgent questions arise amidst this fast- paced and disruptive change:  How will humanity anticipate, mitigate, and manage the consequences of technology? What are the ethical and philosophical frameworks around AI and technology? And, as younger and future generations become digital natives, what does digital citizenship entail? 

Next Now: Tech & Humanity aims to change the course of history by uniting leaders behind audacious goals that bring humanity and technology to a new equilibrium. Together, this ecosystem of visionary changemakers will shape the future of technology and the digital world for the good of all. A future in which no one gets left behind.  

In the coming months, the Next Now/Tech team will be assembling a team of visionary co-creators who will shape an ambitious vision for the field and narrow in on an initial set of audacious goals to team up around. Stay tuned for more details.


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Regi Wahyu is a data-entrepreneur transforming smallholder farming in Indonesia and beyond. He is the co-founder of HARA and an Ashoka Fellow since 2018. We spoke to him as part of our series on the future of Planet & Climate. Read about it on


Ashoka Fellow Helena Puig Larrauri co-founded the peace-building organization Build Up, which works with NGOs, UN agencies, and multilateral organizations all over the world to use technology to strengthen the social fabric between citizens.


"the pandemic has made the problem of misinformation visible to everyone. It’s suddenly a problem people care about because they see how it directly affects their health, safety, and livelihoods."

Read more about how Ashoka Fellow Atakan Foça is combatting "fake news" in the age of COVID-19 in our Forbes article

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Ventilators from 3D printers. We spoke with Fellow David Cuartielles who is curating the Spanish maker community - citizens working 24/7 to fight Covid-19 from their living rooms. “We’re under lockdown, you can’t go out, so you might as well help in other ways to fight the virus.” Read in Forbes.

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Fighting Covid with facts. While we’re awake, asleep, and in between, a worldwide network of scientists is hard at work fact-checking online claims about our health, the virus, 5G, and more. We talk with Fellow Emmanuel Vincent in Paris about what his Science Feedback team is working on this week.