New Longevity

With the simultaneous fall of fertility rates and uptick in longevity, demographic change is becoming one of the most fundamental evolutions of our century. By 2030, it is estimated that there will be more people over the age of 60 than children younger than 10. This worldwide phenomenon has deep social and economic implications. The most prevalent Aging narratives until now have been alarmist, largely portraying Seniors as burdens on our social systems and further entrenching aging as a taboo topic.  

Yet, these societal shifts represent unique opportunities to shape the future of humanity. The world’s leading social entrepreneurs focused on Aging – roughly 60 Ashoka Fellows thus far – have already identified three main intervention points that drastically improve our experience of aging. Their solutions radically reimagine: aging culture; seniors’ contributions to society; and how seniors are cared for. 

Guided by these and future insights, Next Now: Aging aims to change the course of history by uniting leaders around audacious goals that promote intergenerational harmony, dignity and purpose for all seniors. Together, this ecosystem of visionary changemakers will build a brighter future. A future that addresses and anticipates our most urgent aging challenges. A future in which no one gets left behind. Because the world is changing fast and the time to act is Now. 

In the coming months, the Next Now/Aging team will be assembling a team of visionary co-creators who will shape an ambitious vision for the field and narrow in on an initial set of audacious goals to team up around. Stay tuned for more details.


ole kassow3.png

In 2012, Ole Kassow started giving free trishaw rides to elderly residents of a nearby nursing home. Today, over 1.5 million people have taken a ride with members of Ole’s global Cycling Without Age network.



Mon, 26 Oct 2020

With grateful acknowledgement to the Beatles famous song “When I’m Sixty Four” this webinar is all about the practical matters of ensuring that you have financial security after your departure from your organisation.

Mon, 17 Aug 2020

As social entrepreneurs undertake their journey of creation and operation there is a natural tendency for the SE to become closely identified with their own organisation.

This can be healthy and unhealthy in equal measure. We invite several social entrepreneurs to discuss this issue, their names to be announced.

Wed, 5 Aug 2020

Ashoka Fellow Lennon Flowers shares how and why she co-founded The Dinner Party, transforming life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement through breaking bread.

Please join Lennon, other Ashoka Fellows and friends for this special event.

Wed, 22 Jul 2020

Ashoka Fellow Ximena Abogabir shares how and why she founded Travesía 100, transitioning from a career in civic participation and sustainable coliving, to addressing the need for a cultural shift around longevity.

Please join Ximena, other Ashoka Fellows and friends for this special event.

Wed, 8 Jul 2020

Ashoka Fellow Beka Ntsanwisi shares how and why she started Soccer Grannies, a movement of grandmothers coming together and breaking all taboos as they take up the game of soccer to live an active, healthy & fulfilling lifestyle.

Please join Beka, other Ashoka Fellows and friends for this special event.