Gender equality is a moral and a business imperative. Unconscious bias remains prevalent across geographies, and in every venue imaginable–from classrooms to board rooms. Fortunately, some key innovators are identifying the acupuncture points capable of shifting entire systems. Their solutions combine behavioral design with empowerment; they focus on sectors of strategic importance; and they re-frame and deconstruct gender, to name a few.

They are the visionary changemakers guiding ​Next Now/Gender towards a world where gender bias is a thing of the past. Because it's the 21st century!

In the coming months, the Next Now/Gender team will be assembling a team of visionary co-creators who will shape an ambitious vision for the field and narrow in on an initial set of audacious goals to team up around. Stay tuned for more details.



When orders get cancelled. We spoke with Fellow Nazma Akter on how Bangladesh’s women-led labor unions are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. Nazma started working in a garment factory at age 11, organizing workers at age 14, and now leads a movement of 600k worker members across Dhaka. Read more in Forbes.