About Next Now

Next Now is...

A network of changemakers, connected by a shared vision for the future.

We lead social change across four interconnected areas that are central to creating a thriving world for all: Aging, Gender, Planet & Climate, and Tech & Humanity.

Working with the world’s top entrepreneurs, we uplift new belief systems that challenge inequality at its core. By inspiring new thinking and connecting changemakers in surprising alliances, we bring the Next into the Now.


Together, we are building a world where:

Aging is redefined as NEW LONGEVITY, which is synonymous with growth not decline
We  embrace GENDER justice and leave gender bias behind
Partnering with nature leads to a rebalanced PLANET 
TECHNOLOGY amplifies the good of humanity not the bad



Next Now connects changemakers who are leading social change across four field areas that are shaping our rapidly changing world: Aging, Gender, Planet & Climate, and Tech & Humanity.

We are a global network that drives impact across entire ecosystems, by uniting people behind a shared vision for the future and harnessing surprising alliances to get us there – from social entrepreneurs and tech disruptors, to farmers and biologists.



Next Now uplifts belief systems that challenge inequality and propels humanity forward.

We inspire ambitious new thinking and enable mindset shifts that drive a more equal world for everyone.

Through the lens of changemaking, we create better futures for all. 

About Ashoka

Next Now is an initiative powerd by Ashoka: the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. For nearly 40 years Ashoka has believed that the most powerful lever for social progress is an innovative idea in the hands of a leading social entrepreneur–Ashoka Fellows. We have bet on the optimists and the adventurous among us who see the world not as it is, but build it as it should be. We have supported more than 3,600 Ashoka Fellows across 90 countries, guiding them to grow unexpected ideas into transformative social progress. These solutions are postcards from the future - showing us that better is not only possible, it is already here!