Next Now is...

A network of changemakers, connected by a shared vision for the future.

We lead social change across four interconnected areas that are central to creating a thriving world for all: Aging, Gender, Planet & Climate, and Tech & Humanity.

Working with the world’s top entrepreneurs, we uplift new belief systems that challenge inequality at its core. By inspiring new thinking and connecting changemakers in surprising alliances, we bring the Next into the Now.

Together, we are building a world where:

Aging is redefined as NEW LONGEVITY, which is synonymous with growth not decline
We leave GENDER bias behind and embrace gender justice
Partnering with nature leads to a rebalanced PLANET
TECHNOLOGY amplifies the good of humanity not the bad


New Longevity

With the simultaneous fall of fertility rates and uptick in longevity, we are experiencing the biggest demographic change in recent history. This raises important questions and unearths new opportunities.​

How will our social systems be reimagined? How will our relationship to death and dying change? How will seniors’ contributions to society be elevated?

Next Now/Aging will shape a future where intergenerational harmony, dignity and purpose for all seniors become the new norms. ​


Gender equality is a moral and a business imperative. Unconscious bias remains prevalent across geographies, and in every venue imaginable–from classrooms to board rooms. Fortunately, some key innovators are identifying the acupuncture points capable of shifting entire systems. Their solutions combine behavioral design with empowerment; they focus on sectors of strategic importance; and they re-frame and deconstruct gender, to name a few.​

They are the visionary changemakers guiding ​Next Now/Gender towards a world where gender bias is a thing of the past. Because it's the 21st century!

Planet & Climate

For the first time in its 40 year history, Ashoka is galvanizing the strength of its global community on a handful of globally urgent themes. Climate action is one of them. Through Next Now: Planet & Climate we aim to identify the key insights and mindset shifts that will revolutionize the field of climate. Equipped with a new vision for Planet & Climate, we will mobilize teams of outstanding changemakers to make it a reality.  

Tech & Humanity

The 21st century has ushered in a new age where all aspects of our lives are impacted by technology.

A few urgent questions arise amidst this fast- paced and disruptive change:  How will humanity anticipate, mitigate, and manage the consequences of technology? What are the ethical and philosophical frameworks around AI and technology?

Next Now/Tech & Humanity aims to shape the future of technology and the digital world for the good of all.


Albert Cahn_458x268.jpg

As part of Ashoka's ongoing series on Tech and Humanity, Konstanze Frischen spoke with Albert Fox Cahn, founder and Executive Director of Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) about his work and recent legal wins at the intersection of civil rights, privacy, and technology.

Emilia Roig - headshot_458x258.jpg

In the wake of the racial justice movement in the US, many people in Europe are starting to face their own uncomfortable truths about systemic racism on the continent. Read our interview with Emilia Roig, founder of Berlin's Center for Intersectional Justice. Zeynep Meydanoglu sat down with her to explore how we can move faster towards equality by addressing injustices across lines of race, gender, age and more.

Naomi Tulay-Solanke - headshot-458x258.jpg

Naomi Tulay-Solanke is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Health Initiative (CHI) working at the intersection of women’s health and women’s rights in Liberia. Read the full Forbes interview.


Mon, 26 Oct 2020

With grateful acknowledgement to the Beatles famous song “When I’m Sixty Four” this webinar is all about the practical matters of ensuring that you have financial security after your departure from your organisation.

Thu, 1 Oct 2020

Community Lab in Central-Europe is an idea rooted in a collaborative work of Ashoka and EIT Climate-KIC in 2019. Based on an ecosystem map of climate changemakers in the region, a consortia of CKIC partners is working on the establishment of this Community Lab, welcoming individuals, start-ups and organisations from the region. Their common aim is to introduce changes and establish strong networks and collaboration. The consortia includes organisations with different backgrounds: Cleantech ForEst, Impact Hub, Ashoka, 4CF Strategic Forsight, Centre for Systems Solutions.

Mon, 24 Aug 2020

Isabella Lenarduzzi has been a social entrepreneur, an expert in communication and event organisation for 35 years. Her areas of interest include gender equality, employment, education, training, entrepreneurship, innovation and European public affairs. Isabella is also an Ashoka Fellow since 2013. Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are recognised to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society.